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Normally in natural pregnancy, when a period cycle starts, an egg gets matured in the ovaries. When it becomes 18-20 mm then it is released at that time. After a physical relationship between a couple, the sperms fertilize this mature egg in the fallopian tube. Once the fertilization occurs, this fertilized egg converts into an embryo and sticks to the uterus that causes pregnancy.

IVF means In vitro fertilization which means that conceptions are carried out using medical techniques outside the body. Therefore it is also called a test tube baby because in a way the baby is made outside the body.


IVF Step by Step

1. Evaluation

In this first step of the IVF procedure, the couple is evaluated and various IVF tests are done. For a female partner women’s hormonal test, egg count and quality assessment, blood tests such as AMH, prolactin, thyroid, and basic tests such as hemoglobin, sugar, etc. are done. Ultrasound is also performed to examine the uterus.

For male partner semen analysis or semen examination, sperm count, shape, and motility are seen and examined in the first step.

The IVF treatment incorporates the normal menstrual cycle. Treatment of IVF begins on the second or third day of the menstrual cycle. At that time, the doctor will call you to the clinic and will do an ultrasound to examine the overall health of the uterus and to see if there is any cyst or knot.

2. Ovarian Stimulation

In the second step of IVF certain hormonal injections are given from 4 to 11 days. These injections are those hormones that are naturally found in women’s bodies. These hormones are responsible for the development of the eggs in the ovaries. With these hormonal injections, more mature eggs of good quality can be found. The second assessment is called for on 4-6 days of Hormonal Injections in which these developing egg follicles are examined through an ultrasound and the dosage is given accordingly. After two to three days, doctors call you for an ultrasound to see the development of the eggs.

At last, a trigger injection is given after the ovarian stimulation. This important injection is given in order to make eggs completely mature.

3. Oocyte retrieval or Egg / Ovum pickup

After Trigger injection, egg pickup is done in which mature eggs are removed from the ovary with the help of a procedure. This procedure is performed by giving light anesthesia. Finally, egg pickup is done after 37 or 38 hours of Trigger injection. Therefore it is very important that timing is taken care of.

During the procedure, these eggs are taken out in a dish and kept in nutrient media after which these eggs are given to the embryologist.



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