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Inability to conceive a child naturally is an issue that has plagued more couples around the world than we can ever imagine. While Infertility issues with either of the partner can impact the conceiving abilities of the female to a great extent, we can certainly blame it to the unhealthy lifestyles and eating habits of the human being around. This, as a result has presented a life full of challenges for all the couples around.

Also, IVF treatments being the best solution available currently, to treat infertility and other pregnancy related issues, the Society and the world was always in need of an IVF with all the state of the art Medical facilities and treatment options on offer for the people around. Gunjan IVF World has certainly lived up to the same expectations over the past few years while serving as one of the premium IVF. With its head office located in the heart of Ghaziabad city, it delivers the most reliable IVF related services with all the quality and honesty to its valued patients around.

Honesty and providing best suited Fertility treatments to patients lies at the heart of our services and team.

Today Gunjan IVF World is:

  • The Most Rewarded and recognized IVF destination where all types of fertility treatments are provided
  • Provides the best suited treatment depending upon patients’ medical condition
  • An IVF center with the best success rate in whole Delhi NCR Region.

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True to our tagline ‘Khushiyon Ki Goonj’, we bring Happiness to people’s lives.
Being one of the most sought after IVF in Indirapuram, we offer a number of IVF, Test Tube Baby related services and treatment under the supervision of Word class medical professionals, Gunjan IVF World should be your first choice.

IVF in Ghaziabad India

Process of fertilisation by extracting eggs from females and sperm from males and physically combining them in a laboratory dish.

Fertility Treatment in India

Treatments given when all other ways fail to conceive pregnancy. infertility has affected many around the world.

Gynaecology Clinic in Noida

Well being of the patient is our core motive and while we take care of all our patient with same approach, we make sure the health of mother and baby stays good in whole process.

Gynae Laparoscopy Center in Ghaziabad

Open surgery where an expert surgeon takes a deep insight into your pelvis with the help of a camera &light source and this tool is called a laparoscope.

IVF Surrogacy Clinic

Involves insemination of the male sperm into the uterus of the surrogate mother who then carry the embryo of a child till its birth for the intended parents.

IVF Egg Donor Program

Not producing enough eggs/sperms , you can still be a mother or father using our egg or sperm donor for your IVF treatment.

Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil is India's renowned IVF and Infertility Specialist.

Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil

MRCOG(UK), MD(Gynae) – Founder & CEO
She is a renowned Gynaecologist IVF doctor with a specialization in IVF, Infertility & Laparoscopy and got the experience of more than two decades while handling a number of key surgeries and high-risk pregnancies.
She also holds membership of Royal College of Obs and Gynae (MRCOG) of UK and further been trained on Laparoscopy at EUDGES (France). She has also pursued MD in Gynae from KGMC Lucknow.


With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Gunjan Gupta has won accolades in the field of Gynaecology and fertility treatments. From being medical support to a companion throughout the procedure, Dr. Gunjan Gupta does not let the couple feel worried about the process!


Dr Gunjan Gupta is one famous name in the field of IVF. From various IVF treatments India to procedures like ICSI, PGD she has mastered all the fields related to IVF. With over 12,000K patients treated for infertility by her , she has given a new meaning to the life of childless couples.

A team of Specialists working together as a team with a single Goal: Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Pradyot Kumar Govil is the founder and CEO of Gunjan IVF World.


Dr. Pradyot Kumar

Dr. Pradyot Kumar is the founder and CEO of Gunjan IVF World. He is a Neurosurgeon with specialization


Gaurav Singhai - From Banking Technology Product Manager to Healthcare Enterpreneur, my journey has been challenging, a big learning but above all emotionally satisfying.

Chief Operations Officer

Gaurav Singhai

Mr. Gaurav Singhai is the Co-Founder and the Chief Operations Officer of Gunjan IVF World.


Dr Abhishek Singh Parihar has done Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine and Endocrinology from prestigious CRAFT Hospital, Kerala.


Dr. Abhishek Parihar

Dr. Abhishek Singh Parihar is a dedicated & experienced Gynaecologist offering comprehensive fertility


Paritosh Sarkar is a highly experienced and successful Embryologist with more than 10 years of experience in IVF.


Dr. Paritosh Sarkar

Paritosh Sarkar is a highly experienced and successful Embryologist with more than 10 years of experience in IVF.


Dr Arshi Khan is an BUMS graduate an assists Dr. Gunjan Gupta Govil in Various cases at Gunjan IVF World.


Dr Arshi khan

Dr Arshi khan is another proud member of our medical team and while serving as a RMO for the past few years, she assists Dr Gunjan during her session with various patients.


Nivedita Rai is an Patient councillor work with Gunjan IVF World and Cordinate with the patient during the treatment.

Patient Counselor

Nivedita Rai

Nivedita Rai is a Patient Counselor at Gunjan IVf world who counsels and coordinates with our patients during the course of their treatment.


Patient Guide

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