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There is a popular myth that IVF is a last-stage fertility treatment which is absolutely wrong. We need to take this myth out of our minds. If you are planning for IVF, plan it soon because the success rate of IVF also depends upon the age of the patient.

Whether you want to conceive naturally or through IVF, the best period is between 20-30 years to get pregnant. During this time, women have the best fertility potential. Also, during this period the quantity and quality of the eggs or ovarian reserve is also good. As compared to men, increasing age affects women’s fertility a lot. If your age is between 25-30 years, the chances of getting pregnant with a single menstrual cycle are 25%. And as soon as your age increases, these pregnancy chances drop to just 5% when you reach 50.

If a couple is facing infertility problems, and they are recommended to try IVF, they should do it ASAP.


Why does fertility decrease with age?

When a baby girl is born, she has around 4 million eggs in her ovaries. As soon as she reaches puberty, this number decreases and drops to 4 lakh. With every menstrual cycle, the number reaches just 1000 eggs. Along with the decrease in the quantity, the quality of eggs also decreases.

With increasing age, there are also possibilities of chromosomal abnormalities that result in miscarriage. As your age increases, you are also at high risk for endometriosis, fibroids, etc that result in infertility.

Whenever a woman goes for an IVF procedure, it increases her fertility potential and decreases miscarriage rates by 15%. But if a woman is 40 years old and goes for IVF, the same miscarriage rate goes to 40%

What is the right age for IVF?

The best age to get pregnant according to the CDC, the live birth rate is calculated according to our age. If a woman is below 35, the IVF success rate is 54% but if she is between 35-37 this rate becomes 40%. And when she reaches 38-40 years, this rate drops to 25%. Also, this rate just becomes 13% to even the lowest of 4% after the age of 40.

So it is important to understand that age is related to the IVF success rate. If you want to go for IVF, 20-30 years of age is the best period to become a mother.


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