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Role of Lonopin Injection in IVF?
If you are a patient who recently underwent an IVF procedure, you must have heard the name of lonopin injection from your doctor. It is an injection used during an IVF procedure. It helps and prevents the formation of blood clots during pregnancy. It is not a mandatory step for every patient but becomes important for patients with a miscarriage history.

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What is Lonopin Injection?

Lonopin Injection is an anticoagulation that doctors recommend for treating and preventing dangerous blood clots. Not only it cures the pre-existing clot from getting bigger, but it also prevents the formation of any new clot. It helps in avoiding clot formation in your veins. This state is called pulmonary embolism or thrombosis.

The doctor or the nurse injects this medicine under your skin. However, it is not injected into a muscle. Moreover, how many doses or up to how many months you need medication solely depends upon your condition. It also depends on how you respond to the medicine and how well you are recovering.

If the doctors recommend continuing it even if you notice any symptoms, you must do it because it prevents future harm. So if you stop taking it, you could undergrow a blood clot. Further, when you take medicines, try and avoid things that might increase your bleeding or injury.


The common side effect of lonopin injection

The most common side effect of this injection that many people experience is headaches, bleeding, increased liver enzymes, and increased blood platelets. Also, if you are experiencing extreme headache, it must indicate bleeding in the brain. Also, if you are experiencing severe stomachache, it may be because of bleeding in the stomach. These conditions can be dangerous, so you must consult your IVF doctor immediately.

Role of lonopin in the IVF process

If you have a history of multiple miscarriages or IVF failures or recurrent fetal deaths, then the doctor may recommend you lonopin for at least five months. Even though it is painful, it causes no harm to the baby, and there are no side effects on the baby. This injection is a safety precaution that your doctor gives in case of a high-risk pregnancy. The doctor says it helps in growing the placenta or uterus. So even though it hurts, it is worth taking it for the baby.

Precautions to take

As lonopin increase your chance of bleeding, you must take proper care while you are cutting fingernail or toenails, shaving or using sharp objects. Also, inform your doctor while taking other medications that can affect your bleeding rate, like NSAIDs and aspirin.

Moreover, in cases like bleeding from the nose, wounds or gum, which is bleeding continuously for more than 15 minutes, you should notify your doctor. Also, notify if there is blood in your stool, urine or vomit.

However, without a doctor’s recommendation, do not stop taking medicine by yourself because this is what keeps your baby safe.

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