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One of the main reasons behind female infertility is the poor quality of the egg. The availability and quality of eggs decide the quality of an embryo and the occurrence of a healthy pregnancy. When the woman turns thirty-five, the quality of eggs starts to diminish. In many cases, most of us don’t understand the importance of eggs, and afterward, we face problems while getting pregnant.

What is IVF?

In vitro fertilization (IVF) is an assisted reproductive technology in which various medicines and surgical procedures are involved. It involves the fusion of an egg and a sperm in a lab. For this procedure, doctors prescribe medications that help the eggs to become mature. After retrieving those mature eggs from the female body, doctors mix them with sperms in a lab. Once fertilization occurs, embryos are transferred directly into your uterus. If the implantation is successful, the pregnancy occurs.


Quality of the eggs

The development of embryos after fertilization indicates egg quality. Enough chromosomes and their ability to combine with sperms are the characteristics of a healthy egg. The cause of failed pregnancies can be due to the eggs without enough chromosomes.

After fertilization, the eggs require energy for dividing, which they get from mitochondria. The egg will not get enough egg energy for survival without it. Its production decreases with the increasing age. The egg with no sufficient energy will not be able to divide after fertilization.

Some ways by which you can improve egg quality for IVF

You can increase the egg quality for IVF by:

  • Improving healthy eating habits can help your ovaries to produce high-quality eggs. You need to include green vegetables and fresh fruits in your diet.
  • Reduce your stress which can be a cause of bad health conditions. It can affect the ovaries and overall reproductive health. To experience a beautiful journey of pregnancy, check on your stress levels and relax.
  • BMI indicates your health status. You know about the variations of health with your BMI. For healthy women, it starts at 20 and ends at 28. You need a perfect BMI to keep your body fit and produce a good quantity of high-quality eggs.
  • Besides eating healthy, you need to take the supplement to accelerate the production of eggs in the ovaries. You can take Coenzyme Q10, fish oil, melatonin, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E to improve egg quality for IVF.
  • You need to assess the development of eggs inside the ovaries. It is something crucial. You need to monitor the development of egg quality and the condition of ovaries. If you cannot become pregnant with in vitro fertilization, you need to check the quality of the eggs to measure hormone levels. Hormones like Follicle Stimulating Hormone, AMH (anti-mullerian hormone), and the count of the number of discernible follicles in your ovaries indicate egg quality.


If you can not increase egg quality naturally, you can take the help of medications to stimulate the ovaries. It helps the ovaries in producing a good quantity of eggs. But this can also have some side effects. So, try to follow the natural processes of improvement. If you faced failure in IVF, the poor egg quality could be the reason behind it. Your doctor will guide you if the low-quality egg is the reason behind your failed pregnancy.


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