Mental Health and Infertility

November 22, 2018 0

Although a lot has been quoted and stated about mental health and its role in Infertility issues amongst couples around, the fact still says that Psychological stress doesn’t result in Infertility. Still a number of medical studies in the same regard state that mental health plays a negative role in the overall pregnancy chances for a particular person. It doesn’t matter if you are going through physical or mental stress, it can’t be considered as “Useful” for the fertility period by any means.

Quite interestingly, it’s not the stress which causes Infertility, but the Infertility issues which often bring stress to a person’s life and even as  per a recent study on the same context, infertility in both men and women has found to be leading to stress, anxiety and depression within the process.

Mental Health and Infertility

Factors which can help in improving mental health:

1. Follow a Positive Approach

Your must try to be positive in your life irrespective of the fact whether you are pregnant or not. While doing the same, you must focus on the present and not what has happened in past or about to happen in the future. This would not only help in keeping you stress free, but ultimately support the production of “ Positive Chemicals” within the human body which plays a key role in keeping a better mood and health for the pregnant women and her child in the process.

2. Taking Care of Yourself

The first and foremost thing which you must look forward to during your pregnancy period is taking a good care of yourself against everything which is happening around you. Things can’t always be the same in life but a positive frame of mind along with self care strategy always helps in the process.

3. Meditation

Meditation always comes as the most supportive act when it comes to tackle the depression and stress factor in the process. Moreover, meditating early in the morning not only freshens up your mood, but rejuvenates you for the rest of the day by boosting up your senses.

4. Exercising

Exercising not only gives you a better physique, but also a healthy mind alongside. Moreover, it’s not necessary that you must be looking forward to doing heavyweight training in order to achieve the same, but a light exercising schedule can also help in big manner.

5. Following a Healthy Diet

While you have implemented all the above mentioned aspect in your daily routine in order to combat stress factor, a healthy diet works like an icing on the cake. Foods items like Fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, milk and others can really bring wonders to your overall physical and mental health.

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