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November 15, 2018 0

Planning your visit to an IVF center in order to sort out your infertility issues can sometimes become a tedious task with all the unwanted stress and nervousness. This is the reason why it takes a long time for the patients to prepare themselves mentally before consulting an IVF specialist as they would be carrying thousands of questions along with all that curiosity in their mind. Moreover, they look forward to the IVF specialist in order to gain answer for all such questions along with an appropriate solution for their infertility issues. While that’s being said, let’s have a look at certain aspects that you must look up to before planning your first visit in an IVF center.

While we understand that the main focus point within the first visit has to be more about creating a blue print of the things to come during the IVF treatment, there are few things which need to be ready with the patient while visiting the IVF center.

The First Interaction

Your first visit will start with an initial interaction with your doctor and nurse coordinator for an in-depth analysis of your medical history. Once the specialists will have a clear insight of the same, they would then be able to draft further treatment and diagnosis required. This would take somewhere between half an hour to an hour and the patient should be comfortable enough to keep up with the same.

Carry your past treatment records

Whatever medical documents you would be carrying on your way to your first visit with the IVF specialist would ascertain the outcome of the whole treatment process in a big manner; therefore, it is always advisable to carry along your past treatment records and reports. This helps us our IVF specialists understand the treatments you have already gone through. It saves a lot of your time and money!

A Brief questionnaire

We can understand that being a patient there would be a tsunami of questions which might carry alongside your visit to the IVF center in the process; therefore you just list down the same along with all the details you would like to capture from the doctor. This would ultimately provide you with the required peace of mind along with the comfort during the treatment process.

It’s better to note down everything

While you know that you won’t be remembering everything which the doctor has advised or prescribed you for the treatment cycle, it’s better to carry a notepad or something to write down all the necessary details during the initial interaction.

Bring your partner along

Though it’s not a compulsion to take your partner along with your during your first visit, it would help him or her to be on the same page and stay involved during the whole journey of your IVF cycle.

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