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Do I need an egg donor

(In Vitro Fertilization) IVF with donor eggs and donor sperm is a techniques which gets through in a laboratory and involves the fertilization process of previously harvested donor eggs with donor sperm. The fertilized egg then becomes a pre-embryo and then transported to already prepared uterus for further development. In this process, both donors remain anonymous.

When IVF Technique required

Egg Donation in IndiaIVF technique is generally brought in use when the patient got issues with their uterus either because of age factor or miscellaneous reasons, and then using semen from the sperm bank to start with the Fertilization process of the eggs. The same gets done for a number of reasons which may include factors like either the patient want to be a single mother, or just because there is another person as a partner or the male partner is suffering from angiosperm (no asses-sable level of sperm in the semen) or various other sperm abnormality issues.

The same isn’t a very simple and straight process and may go through a list of various phases like selection of the Donor, Egg Donor treatment in Noida, obtaining the Semen sample, Egg harvesting and in vitro fertilization, cryptopreservation and transfer of the semen.

Why choose Gunjan IVF World?

Gunjan IVF World is one of the premium names in the world of IVF services and Surrogacy services. With years of experience and professional expertise, we at Gunjan IVF World in Noida & Ghaziabad offers best in class treatments and services to our patient at every step. It doesn’t matter if your medical issues are hampering you from producing enough eggs or sperms; Gunjan IVF World is  always beside you in all your pain and happiness. We always suggest our patients to go by “Never Lose Hope” Spirit. We believe that there is always a possibility and a good reason to keep going with the hardest efforts possible. Gunjan IVF World will ensure that you get fortunate enough to blessed with the “Motherhood” with  the help of an egg donation along with World class treatment.

For your treatment, you can choose from one of the following egg or sperm donors’ packages for your IVF treatment:

IVF with Donor Eggs: Eggs derived from the chosen donor fertilized with your partner’s sperm during ICSI procedure.

Egg Donor in India
IVF with Egg Donor

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IVF with Donor Sperm: Sperms from your chosen donor are fertilized with your eggs during ICSI Procedure.

Egg Donation in Ghaziabad
IVF with Donor Sperm

(Image Source: Dr. David O’RO’Rourke)

IVF with Donor Embryo: The chosen donor embryos transferred into you during Embryo Transfer.

IUI with Donor Sperm: Sperms from your chosen donor processed and injected in your uterus.


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