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Couples freeze their embryos to have an option of many IVF cycles by only one round of treatment. Initially, there were many risks among babies who are born with frozen embryos. But with time, the system has improved. The experts say that the couple does not have to worry about the freezing method. Now, the risk has been reduced. The trouble was as low as 0.4% of all the frozen embryos.

The study utilized data from about 10,85,172 babies in Denmark. They said that in the year between 1978 and 2018, 8 million healthy children were born, recorded as the highest rate.

After the Denmark research, Hargreave called for more. They conducted a survey to validate the findings. Let us read about the health of the babies born from frozen embryos.

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Why do people choose to transfer frozen embryos?

It is always advisable to transfer only one or two embryos for IVF pregnancy, even if several embryos have been fertilized. Multiple embryo transfer is avoided as it results in numerous pregnancies. These numerous pregnancies can lead to delivery complications.

The doctors choose an embryo that seems the most viable and transfer it to the uterus. The remaining embryos are frozen. If the pregnancy fails, you can choose between two options. Either select the remaining frozen embryo or can go through the full IVF cycle once again. The first option is the most cost-effective.

Some couples also choose to freeze their embryo as they want a second child. They chose the option of the frozen embryo because going for a fresh cycle can be more expensive. The embryos can be frozen indefinitely.

Even though it seems that you are taking a high risk by going through IVF treatment with frozen embryos, it has improved a lot. The statistics show the growth in health and a reduction in childhood cancer cases drastically among infants. The technologies are developing to secure the life of both mother and baby.

Some couples do not have an option but to secure the pregnancy through the first cycle of IVF. For that, they freeze their embryos to provide themselves with options. Choosing frozen embryos is fine because the percentage of cancer is meager.


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