5 Scary Myths about Fertility

December 11, 2018 0

Since years now people are carrying forward their own myths and misconceptions in regards to Infertility issues and that’s the sole reason of same been noted as a social stigma for many people (especially women) around. Although times have been changed and people are more aware about the same due to recent advancements in the medical sciences, there are still some parts of society across the globe, which are carrying the same old myths regarding various fertility issues around.Here we are going to discuss about 5 scary myths about infertility.

One common argument against older mothers (30+) is their inability to get pregnant and give birth to a healthy child

1. Infertility as an issue with females only

Since ages, infertility has largely been considered as a “women’s only” issues and even though science has proved that men also contributes to the same in an equal manner ,there are still many societies and communities which are going along with the same age old notion. If we look at the numbers, both men and women contributes to almost 35 percent of infertility cases observed and it’s only in the 20% cases where both of them comes along with common fertility issues.

2. Baby is only possible till 35 years

It was also been said that being a women, you can only conceive till the age of 35 and there are no chances of getting pregnant afterwards. Although it’s a fact that fertility starts diminishing in women due to the declining number of eggs by that age, its nowhere like that they won be able to conceive after that age limit.

3. Infertility comes out of too much stress

Although the fertility aspect of any person does get impacted by the stress factor to a certain extent. By no means it confirms psychological issues as a reason for infertility. This was been accepted as a common assumptions by many around and there were people who went on to seek the counseling sessions from a Psychological specialists instead of an infertility specialist. People need to understand that Infertility is all about the physical issues and no metal issues in any regards.

4. You would get pregnant if you adopt a child

This certainly sounds like a stupid fact. But there were many people around the world who used to put their belief in the same till long. While this can certainly be said as a good step to encourage the adoption of children’s. It didn’t have any connection to the fact that it will help people to conceive in the process.

5. Women’s doesn’t get through any sort of trouble while conceiving

While this could be said as an awkward fact which can be deemed true and false at the same time. It doesn’t have any sort of connection with the reality in true sense. Women might or might not face issues while conceive. But the same depends on their health condition and not to any kind of myth.

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