IVF Care – A guide to being Fab Fertile !

March 3, 2018 0

The cases of infertility are increasing world wide attributed to numerous reasons of the present day living and life style. The most common treatment advised for infertility is IVF attributed to its relatively high success rate without any harmful effects in most of the cases.

However, it’s not sufficient to be “Just Fertile”. Rather it is pertinent to be “Fab Fertile” which means having a healthy mind and body both before and after the IVF treatment. Here, we talk to you about things to practice before and after undergoing an IVF so that you can regulate, restore and get your body back in balance.

Things to know and do before IVF:

  • Proper Research: Being well informed is the best way to be mentally prepared for the emotional and physical changes that IVF can bring. Though it is a very common and widespread procedure these days but still would require some sought of a mental and emotional preparation just like any other medical procedure.
  • Being Healthy: Adopting a balanced diet and a fitness regime is the best way to start your IVF journey as success rate of IVF surely depends upon on physical and emotional health as well apart from the mental health. Obesity and being over weigh has proven to have reduced the success with the IVF procedures.
  • Get rid of unhealthy habits: Drinking alcohol on a regular basis and smoking can reduce the success rate with IVF by as high as 60%.
  • Develop a strong support system: Since, IVF can be an emotionally taxing process, having a good support system in family and friends always help.
  • Stay positive: Positivity does a lot of good to a women’s physical, mental and emotional health. Hence, staying in a positive environment definitely boosts the success rates.
  • Be logical: Though being optimistic is good but one has to be realistic in expectations as well. Experience and research tells that women under the age of 35 years have the maximum success rate with IVF and the success rate also varies with age, weight, lifestyle etc.

Safety precautions to be taken after IVF:

  • Take it easy: Avoid heavy workout and exercises. Forceful bodily movement should also be prevented. Aerobics and weight lifting should be prevented as well along with hard physical household work.
  • Say no to smoking and excessive caffeine intake. Avoid consuming alcohol.
  • Don’t indulge in sexual intercourse for a certain time frame as advised by the doctor.
  • In some cases, a bed rest also may be advised. Make sure you get as much rest as your body needs.
  • Mental detox: You need to get rid of all the negative thoughts from your mind and develop a positive attitude. Surround yourself with positive people and live in a positive environment. This definitely helps in increasing the success rate and speedy recovery.
  • Eat healthy and balanced: Eating a balanced diet is very important. Stay away from the implantation diets and miracle foods advertised on the internet as they do not have any real evidence to back their claims. Rather, eat what suits your body and as advised by your doctor.
  • Avoid extreme temperatures: Saunas, hot tubes, hot yoga or anything that increases the body temperature is not advisable at this moment. Being submerged in water for a longer period of time also exposes you to many infections.
  • De-stress is more important than bed rest: Though bed rest is important in some cases but being stress free is most important of all. Being stressed definitely reduces the success rate and also slows down the recovery.
  • Take progesterone: Is some cases, doctors’ advice progesterone to maintain pregnancy in a woman’s body but such drugs should be taken only on a doctor’s prescription.

Most important thing to remember is that whatever you do should be in accordance with your doctor. At Gunjan’s IVF, we educate the patient and her family on do’s and don’ts both before and after IVF so that our patients experience a maximum success rate and also feel content. That is why we say that “Happy families start at Gunjan’s IVF!”

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