Why Should You Leave Your OB-GYN or a fertility doctor?

January 30, 2019 0

Being a couple, it’s quite hard to think about every aspect before planning a baby and if you are the female partner, there’s every chance that you will be going through most part of the stress and anxiety in the process. On the other side, there are certain challenges to the same process like looking for the best support and assistance along with the right guidance in the same regards. You might get through thousands of suggestion fro hundreds of people in your family or friend circle and that’s when you need a helping hand to take you along through the whole journey.

Why Should You Leave Your OB-GYN For a Fertility Doctor?

How can an OB /GYN can help?

 a women turns up to an Obstetrician or Gyno only when she gets some issues wither reproductive organs or anything related to the same and it’s been certain that only an OB and gyno can help and support the person on her way to conceiving the child. With that’s been said, we can also conclude that an OB or Gyno has the knowledge and authority to confirm which medicine and treatment is best for you while you are looking forward to give birth to a child.

When a fertility specialist does come into picture?

When it’s been identified that a couple is unable to conceive for an year even after having sexual intercourse without any protection, the person then gets referred to consult  fertility specialist. A Fertility specialist carries the knowledge and all the experience which is required to first examine the real issue behind the incapability of the couple to conceive and then prescribing them the right treatment in the same regards.

It all depends on the medical condition of the couple and further diagnosis and treatment option will be according to the degree of infertility in both the partners. Moreover, an IVF (In vitro fertilization) treatment might be recommended in the course of the treatment process and this way , the couples can really bring some sort of hope to bring a little child of their dreams in their backyard.

Why going to a fertility specialist right away is advisable?

While it’s understood that an OB or a Gyno possess all the right knowledge and skills to locate the real issue behind the incapability of a couple to conceive , they really aren’t that capable to bring on the right treatment required to tackle the same issues due to the limitations of their profession. Thus, its always advisable to see a fertility specialist as not only he or she would be able to be able to diagnose the real reason behind the infertility aspect, they would be able to recommend the right treatment required in order to resolve the same issue for the couples. Also, if you are looking for the best fertility specialist in Delhi NCR.

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