What Causes Secondary Infertility And How To Cope With It?

April 10, 2019 0

If we talk about the term “Secondary Infertility” it generally refers to a situation when a woman is going through certain infertility issues even after carrying a baby already in her life. Moreover, this type of Infertility results in almost 50 percent of total infertility cases in women around the world. This is most common in couples who think of having a baby in their late 30s and 40s.

Causes of Secondary Infertility:

Most of the times, the secondary infertility factors are directly related to the previous pregnancy of a person. This could be either damage done to the uterus during the pregnancy period or the certain health complications observed during that period only. Still, if we look into the main factors of secondary infertility, they are more or less about the primary fertility as well; these may include issues like increasing age, obesity, ovulation issues and so on.


How to cope up with the secondary infertility issue?

There may be a chance that you will get anxious and stressed about this situation, it needs to be death with the utmost calm and composure. Moreover, the following steps can be taken in order to deal with the whole situation

Analyzing your preconception period:

This involves checking the ovulation cycle and the timing of sexual intercourse whilst planning for the baby. The person can monitor the whole cycle along with the probabilities of getting pregnant in the process. This holds great relevance in the chance of getting pregnant and thus must be taken care of.

Bringing positive changes to your lifestyle:

This certainly comes as one of the most important aspects of the pregnancy period as what you eat and drink matters a lot to your overall efforts of getting pregnant. Whilst most of the physicians advise a person to follow a healthy and balanced diet, a healthy routine is a key to the whole arrangement. Additionally, the person must stay away from smoking and alcohol during the conception period as this can lay a negative impact on the overall health of the mother as well as the child.

Staying healthy:

Staying healthy is the key to the overall efforts of a person to become pregnant and this is where the person needs to follow a healthy routine along with light exercises. On the other side, meditation and yoga can be brought into practice as it brings a fresh wave to both the physical and mental health of a person.

Keeping a healthy BMI (Body mass index):

Keeping a healthy Body mass index is always the key to better health and the same needs to be taken care whilst you are planning your second baby. It can be achieved whilst following a healthy diet and routine in the whole process.

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