The Stigma of Infertility and Its Changing Aspects

May 1, 2019 0

Over the years, Infertility has been considered as a big matter of shame and disgrace and whilst the men have been overlooked into the same aspect, women have been the biggest of the victims. Even when a couple is not been able to conceive after numerous efforts, it’s the female partner who often gets blamed for the whole matter. The situation however has changed in the past few years and everyone has realized that Infertility is a common issue with both men and women. With that said, let’s take a look at some of the changing theories around the society in the same context.

It’s not a “Women only” thing!

Studies have proved that Infertility isn’t a “women only” thing anymore and men as well accounts to a big percentage to the total number of people affected by the same issue. Moreover, it has also been ascertained that unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits has come up as the biggest reason behind the Infertility issues in both Men and women.

Communication and awareness

Stigma of Infertility

Improved communication and awareness about Infertility can certainly quoted as a landmark achievement for the Medical world and this is where most of the people (both men and women) have been made aware about the criticalities of the issues. This is really appreciable as there were times when women and men were often unexpressive about the same issue and that was something which made the situation even worse in the whole process.

A person can now connect with a fertility specialist over the phone, social media or via any other preferred mode and he or she can share their problem without even revealing their identity.

Inception of assisted Reproductive treatments

Even when a person is been diagnosed with Infertility, he or she can now reach out to a fertility specialist who will then counsel them with the required treatments or solution for their respective infertility issues. Moreover, the inception of ART techniques like IVF and IUI has provided all those couples with a ray of hope in order to treat their infertility issues.

Surrogacy Process

Whilst most of the couple have conceived with the help of IVF and other ART techniques, those who didn’t have opted for surrogacy where a surrogate mother would be carrying their child in return of Monetary benefits. Hereby, the sperm of the male partner is mixed with the eggs of the female partner in a lab dish and the resultant embryo would then be placed inside the uterus of the surrogate mother. She then carries the child for the intended parents for the next 9 months and the couple has to take care of her medicines and other expenses in the process.

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