Best Age To Become A Parent – Am I Ever Too Old?

May 20, 2019 0

The past few years have seen a significant increase in the average age of the parents around and the advanced medical facilities and the treatments can certainly be accredited for the same. People nowadays can simply freeze their eggs and sperms for future use and delay their parenthood by significant terms. It’s just not about the fertility centers but big companies like Apple, Google and Yahoo as well which are providing the egg and sperm freezing facilities to their employees as a part of the healthcare package.

The right age to become a parent!

Well, if you look into the theories laid down by the latest studies and surveys of the medical institutes, there isn’t any specified age for becoming a parent and a person can attain parenthood till his or her reproductive capabilities are in place. Still, there are certain factors which work in the same direction.



Fertility factor: It’s a certain thing that the fertility aspect of a person will play a key role in ascertaining his or her overall capability to conceive in the process. The quality and quantity of the eggs and sperms play an ever important role in confirming whether the person is able to conceive at a certain age or not. Although there are many fertility treatments and diagnostics which can enhance the same capability, it’s still a possibility and not assured that the person will conceive.

The Biological cycle: The Biological cycle is something which can be stated as the biggest contributor in the same context. Body of both males and females are programmed on such a basis that they secrete certain hormones at a particular time only and that’s something which plays a key role in ascertaining a pregnancy in females. On the other side, the quality and quantity of the eggs and sperms start depreciating as the age increases and that is why most of the couples were been advised by the doctors to conceive at around the age of 25. Still the age of 31 years is best been regarded for having the first child as the physical health of the mother stays in best shape around that period.

So what about people who crossed 35 years?

For all such people who have crossed the age of 35 years or more, it all depends on their reproductive capabilities, quality and quantity if the eggs and sperms. Still, there are certain advanced treatments like IVF in place which can generally help all such couples to conceive beyond their capabilities.
IVF( in vitro fertilization ) is a process where the sperm and eggs derived from the couples gets mixed in a lab dish and once the same develops into an embryo, the same gets placed into the uterus of the female under treatment.
The process has gained significant popularity amongst couples who were else unable to conceive due to their infertility issues.

Is IVF worth it?

IVF can be quoted as the best available treatment for couples who are looking for a long-lasting solution for their infertility problems and this has helped thousands of them to pursue their parenthood dreams within the past few years.

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