7 Most Famous Ayurvedic Treatments to Treat Infertility

March 7, 2019 0

Infertility has pushed lot of couples to seek through various types of treatment and facilities in order to find lifelong solutions to their craving for becoming a parent. Whilst most of them have looked forward to ART (Assisted reproductive treatment) like IVF and IUI, there are those who are still struggling to make a decision in the same regards. Still Infertility is a bigger issue than one can imagine and although there are various treatments available in medical science, let’s take a look at 7 most effective Ayurvedic treatments for Infertility.

ayurvedic treatment for infertility


This is a process which is been brought in use by the Ayurvedic doctors to induce heavy sweating amongst the patients going through Infertility. This is been done in order to flush out all the toxins in the human body and make it healthier to facilitate the fertility factor.


This is a process which is generally be used in order to bring out the indigested food inside the human body via vomiting. This also can be termed as one of the ways to detoxify the human body in the process.

Banyan Tree Bark

Banyan tree is been said to carry lot of health benefits and one of those benefits comes useful in treating infertility as well. During this treatment process, the banyan tree bark is been dried and mixed with sugar whilst in the powder form. This is said to be beneficial in boosting the production of growth hormones and hence boost fertility.

Ashwagandha Churna and Kapikacchu

Ashwagandha and kapikacchu are said to be boosting fertility amongst men and it is proved helpful in increasing the sperm counts in the male body as well.

Phala Gritam

This is one of the medicines brought in use to treat female fertility and can be consumed in form of liquefied butter mixed with milk and whilst it’s been said to be treating certain functional problems within the female body, it doesn’t come that useful in structural deficiency.

Guduchi, Gokshura, Triphala Churna

There is a shukra dhatu inside the human body which blocks the flow of sperm within the testes. Guduchi, Gokshura and Triphala churna are proven remedies to removed such blockages and boosting fertility in the process as well


Shatavaru has said to be the only medicine in ayurveda which has proven properties of treating infertility in women specifically and brought in use quite often in most of the ayruvedic medicines for women fertility.

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