10 Facts You Must be Aware of About IVF

October 12, 2018 0

IVF has really provided a Ray of hope to all those couples across the globe which was struggling till now to attain Parenthood. Moreover, we can still find many people around who are not aware about this Revolutionary technique or feel hesitated to visit an IVF specialist. To get a better picture of the same, Lets take a thorough look at 10 things which you must be aware about in terms of IVF.

1. Infertility issue is on an Upsurge

While a lot of us don’t know, Infertility has impacted almost 30% of the total couples around the world and the number is increasing with every day passing. This more or less sums up the fact that, “IVF is the best possible solution for combating the Infertility issues around people. IVF is not only helping people who are facing the Infertility issues and assisting all the Same sex couples and Single parents as well in order to get their Dreams about a child, Fulfilled.

2. Various types of IVF treatments

Though most of the people are still aware about the Common IVF treatments available around them, there’s certainly more to it. There are other types of IVF treatments like Natural IVF and Mild IVF which generally involves only few days under Medication for the person seeking the treatment, unlike the 4-5 weeks Medication process in General IVF. Therefore a person can chose any of the treatments as per his or her choice and Convenience.

3. Cost Differentiation

Most of the people usually get confused between the total costs of the treatment to the Cycle costs. While the scans, egg collection, embryology and embryo transfer are some processes which comes under the Cycle costs, the other costs involved are for the Blood tests, Medicines and IVF techniques used for the treatment. Therefore, you must take a proper check of the costs quoted by your IVF specialist or the center before getting ahead with the same.

4. The Age factor

Success to an IVF treatment depends a lot on the age factor and the same plays a key role in both Women and Men. In terms of Women, the quality of their eggs diminishes with the age and same starts getting more usual after the age of 35.On the other hand, Men gets impacted by the decreasing Testosterone levels with their increasing age and the same plays a key role in the generation of Sperms and their fertility. This more or less ascertains the success of the IVF treatment which needs to be kept in mind by the couples which are going for the treatment.

5. Success rates

While we just discussed the impact of Age factor on the IVF success rates, the couples who are seeking the right IVF treatment must not be confused by seeing all those Fake commitments made by IVF centers in terms of assuring you a child irrespective of your Age and other medical aspects.

6. Multiple cycles involved

As we know that IVF is not a single treatment and involves a number of cycles and processes in between to reach the desired solution looked at by the patient, it’s always better for the Couple to make up their mind and look forward for the respective cycle of treatment which is required by them.

7. Get off from the myth, “Frozen is bad”

While most of the people think that frozen eggs or Embryos would not bring the desired results, recent studies by the medical experts around the world have confirmed that they are as good as Fresh ones.

8. More Probability of Multiple Pregnancies

Most of the people aren’t aware about this fact but it’s a common observation that there is a high chance of multiple pregnancies i.e. the patient is more likely to give birth to twins, triplets or quadruplets. The reason behind the same could be the high dosage of Fertility drugs along with the possibility that more than one embryo gets placed to increase the chances of pregnancy.

9. Additional treatments and Techniques

Apart from IVF treatment, a couple can chose to undergo a number of additional treatments and techniques in order to increase their chances to conceive. Some of the examples are embryo scope, the ERA test and PGS which helps the couples to boost up their probabilities of conceiving.

10. Patience

As the IVF treatment process would be taking more time than you have expected, you must be patient enough to keep up with the same while you seek for a good IVF treatment. The IVF cycle last for 4-5 weeks and if the desired result is not obtained, it can also be extended. This would help you further in being relax and at peace during the treatment and would ultimately boost your chances to conceive.

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